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Burlap and Bees was mentioned in the July 2015 Style Magazine article:
Buy Smart, Shop Local in Folsom & El Dorado Hills

 Jun 25, 2015 09:13AM, Published by Megan Wiskus,


For someone who has it all, I think a great gift is time or an experience. For guys, a golf or movie night; for women, you can’t go wrong with a spa treatment. The trick to an ‘experience gift’ is in the way you give it—golf can be given with a box of golf balls or gloves; movie tickets in a bucket with microwave popcorn, candy bars and bottles of water; put spa or workshop gift certificates in a basket with soaps, candles and an inspirational book. In general, books and journals are also great gifts for men or women who have it all.”

—Lisa Wolf, owner of Burlap and Bees, Folsom


“Mix and match old and new. An old farm table mixed with a few newer items, like metal or glass, will give you a trendy urban loft look; or, pull out Grandma’s silver that’s in the attic and use it as décor. A silver wine bottle bowl makes a great place to hold your keys and coins. Place large silver trays on ottomans and pile hardbound books on top. Another tip is to get rid of stuff. Sell a pile of stuff you don’t love and use the cash to go buy one great item you really love. Reuse, repurpose or replace what you have.”

— Lisa Wolf, owner of Burlap and Bees, Folsom


“I would save on trendy home décor items. Styles change so often. Get a few key low-priced trendy items to update the look of your space. Don’t skimp on furniture, but you also don’t need top-of-the-line, super expensive furniture either. The days of buying one great piece of furniture to last your whole life is no longer the reality; I’d rather have secondhand real wood than particleboard though. Also, don’t skimp on lotions and candles. You want lotions that are healthy for your skin and smell great and candles that burn clean, smell natural and last a long time.”

— Lisa Wolf, owner of Burlap and Bees, Folsom 


Favorite cocktail?  Mojito 

Favorite season?  Fall

What will you be for Halloween this year?  Probably not a huge transformation from my day to day (lol) – a witch

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?  Share it with my family and buy a lake house somewhere

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?  Grotta Palazzese, Puglia, Italy. Bellissima!

Fun Fact?  I played football in high school and was a cheerleader. I liked football better.

Lavish Living Magazine September 2014:  

The Boutique Bunch

Burlap and Bees:

For Lisa Wolf, owner of Burlap and Bees, Folsom is about history and family. She and her husband both worked in the high tech industry in the Silicon Valley.  When their family started to grow (they now have three boys), they knew it was time for a change.  “We’ve always loved the darling downtown of Los Gatos and Historic Folsom reminded us of that,” said Wolf.

Wolf never knew she had family ties to Folsom until after they moved here.  In fact, her great grandfather , in the 1950s, owned the service station on the corner of Riley and Sutter. Half a century later, Lisa shop, Burlap and Bees would be in the same building.  “It’s been so much fun to be in a building where my ancestors had been,” she said.

Burlap and Bees features and eclectic mix of vintage and urban décor, fashion, and gifts.  “We get many compliments on our mix of merchandise and style ,” she said. “Compliments are a different form of compensation to us.”

For more information, visit burlapandbees.com. 

Style Magazine

Gifts, Home Décor and More - Let's Shop - July 2014

Vintage Décor and More: Lisa Wolf opened Burlap and Bees at the same location of her great grandfather’s gas station in the 1950s! The store name is a metaphor for its style—a mix of rustic chic with a French flair, explains Wolf. “It’s also an homage to my mother, Bea, "who dragged me tirelessly through antique shops and flea markets as a child,” she shares. When opening her store, Wolf never hesitated about having other vintage and home décor stores on the block. “Historic Folsom is known for its vintage and antique stores and people come to the area specifically to find that,” she says. “I always say people wouldn’t go to Napa for wine if there were only one winery. The same goes for Folsom—the more vintage and antique-type stores, the more it becomes a destination for people who enjoy that.” Gift items are very popular at Burlaps and Bees, including the Simpatico Hobnail Candle in Verbena or Pine. And the Dee Foust Collection is known for its seasonal items. “We were already selling out of Fourth of July decorations in May!” she says.